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Corporate Law

Status of executive officers

Our Corporate Law team has expertise in all issues related to corporate governance, the shareholding of the executive officers, and the remuneration and status of the corporate executives – whether in listed or unlisted companies.

Our particular areas of expertise include:

  • Setting up management packages;
  • Negotiating good/bad leaver clauses;
  • Securing of combined employment/corporate office situations;
  • Setting up profit-sharing plans (stock options, Business Creators' Share of Subscription Warrants “BSPCE”, free shares);
  • Organisation of the accumulation of employment and retirement in favour of the executive officer;
  • Negotiation and drafting of corporate office and employment contract;
  • Organisation and distribution of responsibilities, particularly by drafting delegations of powers and securing chains of delegation of authority;
  • Optimisation of the executive officer’s tax, corporate and retirement status;
  • Authorisation of the compensation packages, validation of the procedures of listed or unlisted companies, limited companies with a board of directors or a supervisory and management board (SA à conseil d’administration or SA à conseil de surveillance et directoire), simplified limited company with shares (SAS), a limited liability company (SARL), or a partnership (SNC);
  • Benefits in kind and professional fees;
  • Attendance fees;
  • Negotiation of the eventual exit of corporate executives and drafting of the related documents, namely the settlement agreement.

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