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Corporate Law

Company Law

At our firm, we offer our clients experts who work in all the areas of company law (setting up companies, management of the corporate life, negotiation and drafting of special agreements such as management lease contracts or goodwill transfer agreements, etc.).

The approach is comprehensive and takes into account the financial, accounting, tax and corporate challenges faced by our clients.

We particularly assist with:

  • Company or group restructuring (merger, demerger, partial contribution of assets...);
  • Capital operations (increase, decrease, accordion operation);
  • Issue of securities giving access to the capital;
  • Issue of financial securities and complex debt securities;
  • Implementation of shareholders’ agreements;
  • Approval of accounts;
  • Intra-group agreements (regulated agreements, cash pooling, transfer prices);
  • Corporate accountability;
  • Disputes between shareholders.

When it comes to listed groups, we are also able to assist with issues related to stock exchange regulations, and particularly:

  • Crossing of thresholds;
  • Buyback programmes;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Establishing insiders lists;
  • Implementing obligations of corporate transparency concerning environmental and employment affairs;
  • Preparation and participation in annual shareholder meetings;
  • Implementing obligations to inform and be transparent in dealing with the shareholders, the market and the market regulatory authorities.

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