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d'Ornano Querner Dhuin : Attorneys at law

Corporate Law

Management of business assets

The d’Ornano Querner Dhuin firm advises and assists its clients with managing their business assets.

Our services include in particular tackling issues related to:

  • Exemption from wealth tax which the corporate executives may be entitled to on their business assets;
  • Setting up tools that enable extending the exemption from wealth tax (Dutreuil Wealth Tax Agreement);
  • Setting up specific companies dedicated to the management of business assets (active holding companies);
  • Organisation of the transfer of the business assets and, in particular, the transfer of the company within a family group (Dutreuil Agreement on inheritances, donations, stripping of securities);
  • Organisation of the accumulation of employment and retirement in favour of the executive officer;
  • Exemption of capital gains from sales by the retiring executive officer;
  • Creation of property companies (“SCI”) specifically dedicated to holding the property assets used by the company;
  • Assistance of companies and foreign groups with their property acquisitions in France.

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